(Blockchain Asset Management Service)

What is Dittrex

Dittrex is a service that provides any blockchain based asset integration and management for any application that needs to interact with blockchain. Service includes wallet integration, transaction processing, account management, access control, on demand custom API creation for assets, transaction history and reporting for any blockchain based asses like bitcoin, ethereum, monero, and what not. Our goal is to able to server any blockchian based asset that exist today and will exist in future and be able to scale on demand based on customers need and geographic location.

Why Dittrex?

Today so many cryptographic assets based applications like token exchanges, trading platforms, payment services, distributed atomic exchanges, personalized wallet services, and others that all require blockchain integration on the backend. Even though blockchain integration, transaction processing, and wallet management might not be the core focus for any of these businesses, they don't have any choice but to do it themselves and very often can't accelerate as fast as these applications might want to. They need to serve very fast and diverse consumer demand that requires enormous amount of technical burden on the backend side. Every time a new blockchain based asset needs to be served or integrated, they need to employ right expertise to wire into their existing infrastructure. This takes time and effort, testing and integration with existing system that could dramatically slow down their growth losing many opportunities not being able to scale in time. This is where Dittrex Blockchain Asset Management Service (DBAMS) comes into play.

With the help of DBAMS, applications would be able to integrate any blockchain based asset in seconds that is already prepared and ready to scale for all major operations without the overhead of installing, configuring, coding api, deploying, and managing these complex systems which is not their main focus. They should be also able to fine tune a particular asset according to their need and even create a new API endpoint clicking few buttons based on their need.

DBAMS system would also bring new entrepreneurs and developers on the platform to try out their ideas with a few clicks and that would foster new innovation. As a result whole industry would grow rapidly influencing new job creation resulting the world a better place.

Dittrex Architecture

This is the overall architecture of DBAMS System that is currently under construction

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